Crazy Thing We Do #4 - Seriously,Leader Is Made Not Born

(p/s: " me? no,no ! him ! him ! him ! " - common answer for who is the "class rep" question)

Point of View #5 - Leader,Lead, and Leadership (Double Posts)

Great Leaders Are Not Born, They Are Made.

Leaders are made to lead, the quality of leaders are depends on their leadership. It is not something that comes naturally. Most leaders have their own experiences that push them to sit in a place where nobody wants to take throne. It is not the leaders to evaluate themselves, saying they are great, it is people around them said they are great. So far as I know, the leader who said he is the greatest would fall. Take a look at Saddam Hussein? What happen to him? The leadership is also depending on trust and influence. If nobody wants trust the leader, so what is the purpose of being a leader? Just step down and pass the baton to others !

"A leader is like a shepherd. He stays behind the flock, letting the most nimble go out ahead, whereupon the others follow, not realizing that all along they are being directed from behind." —Nelson Mandela

(p/s: There are too many conflicts in middle east which makes me think of these so-called leaders, do they see a huge number of protesters? Egoism doesn’t make you more powerful, it makes you weaker)


Students must vote during the 'Students' Election' because....

Students must vote during the ‘Student” Election” because who else want to vote for the candidates if not students?

The reason above alone has give us answer but personally i don't think students "must" vote for candidates. Students should think carefully about who they are voting as this may affect the future of the university. We are not able to think rationally if we feel we are forced to vote, at last we will randomly vote for someone who we don't know and he/she may not capable to lead. What I am trying say is if you have someone who can lead,support him/her and if you have no one to trust,just be neutral,let others do their jobs,you wouldn't regret either.

(p/s: Between bad and baddest? who did i choose ? no one.......)

- Some of my job during JPM election at July 2008 if i am not mistaken