We Are Going Fishing !

It's has been fun to run this  blog as part of our assignments. We have spread our own university life to be shared and laugh together from weeks to weeks.

And now it's time to hang up our hats.
This is the last post of Ulife11 and who knows that we might be back in the future.

And so. We are saying goodbye !
Feel free to add comment onto this post. Until next time.....Thank you for your supports on this blog

(p/s: gotta read "Lawak Kampus".....seriously it's never fail to make you laugh)

Point of View #7 - To Cheat or Not To Cheat

To cheat or not to cheat, that is the question,

Whether this student in the his test to suffer,

Think about his arrows of outrageous fortune,

Or silently take note against a sea of questions,

And to spoil in front of lecturer is to die,

No more mercy and by university expulsion should he die,

The heart-ache he is and the thousand students shocks,

That people inherit, it is the final ending,

To cheat or not to cheat, should cheat be a crime?

If cheat be a crime, why do "thee" cheat?

Thee cheat to protect, thee cheat to gain a mountain of gold,

Cheat is a crime or not a crime,

Depends on yours rational mind, that is the question,

(editted from William Shakespear,Act 3 Scene 1,Hamlet)

GiveAway Contest Gila Buasir Otak: Watak Kegemaran


 Kalo ade superhero pujaan, moh le join contest kat Buasir Otak



Aku minat Undertaker kerana die otai, power, digeruni  dan gila. Tok imam, makcik-makcik, bebudak shuffle hatta Neelofa kenal beliau. Hero ko hado?

Point of View #6 - A Positive Thing that I'm Going to Do During the Mid-Semester Break is ...

A positive thing that I am going to do during the Mid-Semester Break is to rest. To rest from everything, rest from calculus of doom , rest from the derivation which i don't even know when I will use this in my future. Rest from some codes " cin,cout,and syntax error" and let the programmers all around the world do their jobs. Rest from environmental problems and watch Karam Singh Walia on Aduan Rakyat. I am going to rest, empty my mind like a zen monk but there is one thing I can't rest.

That is my blog assignment from Technical Communication Blog. It keeps coming and coming, weeks by weeks, and make me wonder don't they deserve to rest too? I admire their passion and never rest attitude for the blog. Anyway I am gonna close my eyes and wake me up when the break ends.

Crazy Thing We Do #4 - Seriously,Leader Is Made Not Born

(p/s: " me? no,no ! him ! him ! him ! " - common answer for who is the "class rep" question)

Point of View #5 - Leader,Lead, and Leadership (Double Posts)

Great Leaders Are Not Born, They Are Made.

Leaders are made to lead, the quality of leaders are depends on their leadership. It is not something that comes naturally. Most leaders have their own experiences that push them to sit in a place where nobody wants to take throne. It is not the leaders to evaluate themselves, saying they are great, it is people around them said they are great. So far as I know, the leader who said he is the greatest would fall. Take a look at Saddam Hussein? What happen to him? The leadership is also depending on trust and influence. If nobody wants trust the leader, so what is the purpose of being a leader? Just step down and pass the baton to others !

"A leader is like a shepherd. He stays behind the flock, letting the most nimble go out ahead, whereupon the others follow, not realizing that all along they are being directed from behind." —Nelson Mandela

(p/s: There are too many conflicts in middle east which makes me think of these so-called leaders, do they see a huge number of protesters? Egoism doesn’t make you more powerful, it makes you weaker)


Students must vote during the 'Students' Election' because....

Students must vote during the ‘Student” Election” because who else want to vote for the candidates if not students?

The reason above alone has give us answer but personally i don't think students "must" vote for candidates. Students should think carefully about who they are voting as this may affect the future of the university. We are not able to think rationally if we feel we are forced to vote, at last we will randomly vote for someone who we don't know and he/she may not capable to lead. What I am trying say is if you have someone who can lead,support him/her and if you have no one to trust,just be neutral,let others do their jobs,you wouldn't regret either.

(p/s: Between bad and baddest? who did i choose ? no one.......)

- Some of my job during JPM election at July 2008 if i am not mistaken

Crazy Thing We Do #3 - Successful Tutorial Class Tips

( credit to omgidothistoo )

( p/s: Oh no, the secret is broken !  A thousand of tutorial questions after this !)

Point of View #4 - Birth Order Trait

Does birth order trait influence someone’s personality? Are we are destined to have character based on birth order trait? Anyway, let’s have a look of the table below;

Point of View #3 - Monetary Insentive?

Do you think we should give monetary incentives to the KP2 students to motivate them to get better grades? Some would say yes, others would say no. Before we go further, let’s see what the meaning of KP2 students. KP2 students are those who get below 2.0 CGPA in their university. In this case, we will discuss about money as an incentives.

First, what is money? Does the money have magical charm to solve the problem? Everyday and every time, we use money for everything. For example, politicians use money to bribe people to vote for him, football clubs use money to lure great player to join the club, human activist use money to buy medicines and food for the poor people. So, it is clear that money is a catalyst to achieve something.

Monetary incentive has its upside and downside. The upside is that KP2 students would feel motivate to get greater result. The downside is how do they want to achieve the target? Do money makes they understand the syllabus more? As we mention earlier, that money is a catalyst to achieve something, money itself has strong attraction that makes we want to go for it. This would make sense if more students get caught during the exams if monetary incentive is implanted.

There are several factors that affect the student’s result, but in this case, there will be two people are involved, and yet they would not stop playing the blame game. These two persons are the students and the lecturers. For students, it is the attitude that affects the result. Do we try hard enough? Do we complete the assignments? What would we do if we do not understand the lectures? These are the questions that we have to ask ourselves. In statistic for every semester, many students who get higher or average carry marks would drop their marks in final exam. Why? Because most of questions are completely ridiculous with our level which it cannot be found in lectures or tutorials and yes, the lectures even said “this test is so hard, and even I hardly to do it”. The lecturers should look up for the trends and change. We do not expect the final exam to be as easy as ABC but just test us in our level. Why continue the system that has failed us for every semester?
           In a conclusion, we would agree that monetary incentive should be implanted but it must be follow up with intensive classes. For those who want monetary incentive, he or she must join the intensive classes. With this method, students would be confident of them selves and create a better understanding between the lectures and students.

(p/s: I found something interesting on the web, it's about type of students in university, just enter your name and email in this link )

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Point of View #2 - "If I could Rule the World, I would ..."

So, this is our point of view for this week, we decide to share our opinion on what would we do, if we could rule the world;

Shahrul Azzim

"If I could Rule the World, I would be a president of United States of America"

(Yup,nowadays America is bigger than the rest of the world)


"If I could Rule the World, I would hanging out with girls,girls and girls all time"


"If I could Rule the World, I would pass the job to others"

(Cool man doesn't have to rule the world, jusk ask the gentlemen below, do they rule the world?) 

(Rorschach from Watchmen)

(Batman only, not Penguin or Catwoman)

(Wolverine from X-Men)

Crazy Thing We Do #2

Somehow, it is reminds us of this 

( credit to EngineerMangkuk )

Ucomic #1 - Journey To The Success

Our journey begin when you enter the university, carry a high hope from our parents and strong determination from ourselves.

As wise man once said, " A journey of thousand miles starts with a single step". As we are about to begin, we are already tripped and fall for a few times.

At last, we may feel disgruntled and disappointed for everything. Who knows? This troll's face can be yours !

(p/s: Your life in university is just like this game, if you can reach into the finish line, that's mean you will have a bright future ahead)

Point Of View #1 -My Educational Aspiration for 2011

Every students in the world have their own educational aspirations for this year, so,before we go further, let’s see what is the meaning of the aspiration first.

(from YourDictionary.com)

The meaning that can be related to education is number 5, which means “a strong desire for high achievement” and “an object of such desire; an ambition”. Both of these meanings have the word “desire” on it. So, my educational aspiration for 2011 is can be described as “what is my desire in education for 2011”.

Everybody wants to achieve higher pointer as their aspiration in the new semester, but as time goes by, we tend to lower our expectation to gain success. We blame for everything in the past, regret in the present, and repeat the mistake in the future. I do not blame everyone for their aspiration as I do the same mistake like everybody else. It is okay to set our CGPA as our educational aspiration as my friend on twitter quoted;

(irwantw – the author of EngineerMangkuk)

So, what is my educational aspiration for 2011? I hope that all the things that I have learned in university will have its real use in my life later on, as today’s education mainly focuses on theory rather than practical. I do not want to learn just to get higher CGPA, and then I would know nothing on how to apply my knowledge. Now, I have told you, my educational aspiration for 2011, so what are yours?

"Vision looks inward and become a duty,

Vision looks outward and becomes aspiration,

Vision looks upward and becomes faith."
- Stephen S.Wise (1879-1949)

(p/s: I am now enjoying the video below and don't forget to check my 3 Best lessons from the weaver ant ! - jatropos )


My Education Aspiration by TanjeWanje

Assalamualaikum to all friends, topic for today is about aspiration. In the dictionary, the meaning of aspiration is a strong desire to achieve something. From this sentence we know that, inspiration is so important in our life, because, from inspiration, there will come ambition and from ambition we will find the way of our life.  The aspiration also come from the weakness from ourselves, so, from aspiration we would learn about the weakness from our self and try to improve it.

For me, my aspiration for this year is a not different with another year before because, a lot of my aspiration that did not achieve on last year. Therefore, I would like to chase them back this year. I hope that it would done this entire thing in this year. InsyaAllah .

A list of my aspiration for 2011

Improve my pointer

Find many friends that can help me in studies

Being expert to subject that I learn,

Improve communication skill  with people

Improve worship to ALLAH SWT.

(p/s: "Now,where is the error? Help me ! Click ! That's right,it's there" - Dora The Explorer)

Crazy thing happens when #3

I afraid that my class would be like this one day,

Multi-level Marketing 8 credit-hours

(credit to Aidid Muaddib for this picture)

Crazy thing happens when #2

"I rather have water than you Genie !" - said Aladdin

Our lecturer says #2

By using this calculation, we will get 4 flat in this semester !

1 head contains two sided brain (left and right)
This semester we take 6 subjects,
1 subject = 1 side of brain
So,if we have 3 heads which consist of 6 sides of brain,we will think more efficiently

"Think yeop ! Think !"

Crazy thing we do #1

What is "Maggi" ? Is it a food? -Rich man quote

Crazy things happen when #1

If we can't go to the class,make class comes to us ! Make class in our room !

p/s: Check out the best 7 tips to stay awake

Our lecturer says #1

So,don't wear gloves

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