GiveAway Contest Gila Buasir Otak: Watak Kegemaran


 Kalo ade superhero pujaan, moh le join contest kat Buasir Otak



Aku minat Undertaker kerana die otai, power, digeruni  dan gila. Tok imam, makcik-makcik, bebudak shuffle hatta Neelofa kenal beliau. Hero ko hado?

Point of View #6 - A Positive Thing that I'm Going to Do During the Mid-Semester Break is ...

A positive thing that I am going to do during the Mid-Semester Break is to rest. To rest from everything, rest from calculus of doom , rest from the derivation which i don't even know when I will use this in my future. Rest from some codes " cin,cout,and syntax error" and let the programmers all around the world do their jobs. Rest from environmental problems and watch Karam Singh Walia on Aduan Rakyat. I am going to rest, empty my mind like a zen monk but there is one thing I can't rest.

That is my blog assignment from Technical Communication Blog. It keeps coming and coming, weeks by weeks, and make me wonder don't they deserve to rest too? I admire their passion and never rest attitude for the blog. Anyway I am gonna close my eyes and wake me up when the break ends.