CGPA and Your Life

(source: Photopin)

One of my friends said that  CGPA is not an indicator whether you are clever or not. Others mentioned, CGPA is not determined how successful your life in the future. Personally, they are half right. CGPA does not determine your IQ but it did help you.

1) Resume
The first thing that the employers want to look at your resume is your CGPA. the concept is simple, if your CGPA is below 3.0, you are a lazy worker and vice versa. The chance of you getting hired would be hard as your pointer is low enough.

2) People perception
People would never ask how well your result on particular subjects but they will ask how is your CGPA. Again, then they would made an easy an assumption on your personality based on the result.

Some people are born geniuses, some people is too lazy enough where there deserve low CGPA but some people are very good at particular skills such as memorizing but not doing so well in calculation. Unfortunately, they have to take the subject because of syllabus, and then their CGPA go down. It would be nice if we could choose what subject we want. For those who got high CGPA, well done and for others, do not lose faith, learn something that you are passionate other than your subjects (computing, photoshop or others), and success,