Point Of View #1 -My Educational Aspiration for 2011

Every students in the world have their own educational aspirations for this year, so,before we go further, let’s see what is the meaning of the aspiration first.

(from YourDictionary.com)

The meaning that can be related to education is number 5, which means “a strong desire for high achievement” and “an object of such desire; an ambition”. Both of these meanings have the word “desire” on it. So, my educational aspiration for 2011 is can be described as “what is my desire in education for 2011”.

Everybody wants to achieve higher pointer as their aspiration in the new semester, but as time goes by, we tend to lower our expectation to gain success. We blame for everything in the past, regret in the present, and repeat the mistake in the future. I do not blame everyone for their aspiration as I do the same mistake like everybody else. It is okay to set our CGPA as our educational aspiration as my friend on twitter quoted;

(irwantw – the author of EngineerMangkuk)

So, what is my educational aspiration for 2011? I hope that all the things that I have learned in university will have its real use in my life later on, as today’s education mainly focuses on theory rather than practical. I do not want to learn just to get higher CGPA, and then I would know nothing on how to apply my knowledge. Now, I have told you, my educational aspiration for 2011, so what are yours?

"Vision looks inward and become a duty,

Vision looks outward and becomes aspiration,

Vision looks upward and becomes faith."
- Stephen S.Wise (1879-1949)

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My Education Aspiration by TanjeWanje

Assalamualaikum to all friends, topic for today is about aspiration. In the dictionary, the meaning of aspiration is a strong desire to achieve something. From this sentence we know that, inspiration is so important in our life, because, from inspiration, there will come ambition and from ambition we will find the way of our life.  The aspiration also come from the weakness from ourselves, so, from aspiration we would learn about the weakness from our self and try to improve it.

For me, my aspiration for this year is a not different with another year before because, a lot of my aspiration that did not achieve on last year. Therefore, I would like to chase them back this year. I hope that it would done this entire thing in this year. InsyaAllah .

A list of my aspiration for 2011

Improve my pointer

Find many friends that can help me in studies

Being expert to subject that I learn,

Improve communication skill  with people

Improve worship to ALLAH SWT.

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