Point of View #4 - Birth Order Trait

Does birth order trait influence someone’s personality? Are we are destined to have character based on birth order trait? Anyway, let’s have a look of the table below;

( from thecutekid.com )
I, my self, am the second child from 4 siblings, which mean I could have the middle child characteristic. Okay, I agree that I may have some of the characters in the table but I’m an introvert which means I am not a social person.
According to Throne Jefferson in Associations between Birth Order and Personality Traits: Evidence from Self-Reports and Observer Ratings said that this Sulloway’s theory is inconsistent which recent research findings. First, it assumes that personality characteristics developed in childhood are retained into adulthood. But longitudinal studies (e.g., Block, 1993; Siegler et al ., 1990) show that in addition to some continuity, there is change in rank-ordering of personality traits between early childhood and adulthood; children who are rebellious at age 4 or age 11 may have become conventional by age 30. Second, and more crucially, influential previous reviews of birth order and personality have reported little association. 

Even Ernst and Angst (1983) concluded that “[birth] order does not appear to be a very strong influenced in molding personality in a definable way”. 

There are several factors that affect a person’s personality (ex; social class, family environment, peer relationship) but what is the most important is how someone experienced their life. Our experience in life might differ with someone who have same birth trait order, thus would have different characteristic.

So, what do you think of this theory? Do you have same characteristic in the table?


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