Nature is Changing, Do We?

Banjir ( Kosmo Online, 2012)

Recently, I have read on the Kosmo about "Tiga Negeri Dilanda Banjir". It is common news to hear at the end of the year due to monsoon season. What is strange is Kuantan has been hit by severe flood. I schooled at the Kuantan for 2 years (2005 - 2006) but i never heard or experienced floods. 

Unusual floods at certain places have gave us sign the nature is changing, whether we are realize or not. For example, i never heard of any floods in Kajang until lately. This is a sign for us, that we need to change our attitude and perception towards environment.

Unfortunately, we are not change at all. We continue to dump garbage toward river, do uncontrolled development nearby river and deforestation. We play blame game who is responsible and play as hero but the one who guilty is ourselves.


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